Humanity (2019)

Humanity cover

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  1. Darkest Moment
  2. Alone
  3. Refugee
  4. Keep Yourself Alive
  5. Server
  6. Last Revolution
  7. Seeds of Violence
  8. The Sun Is My Heart
  9. Broken World
  10. Selector de Frecuencias
  11. Sleeping God
  12. The Girl And The Flag
  13. Door To The Past


The much-anticipated fifth album of the band constitutes almost a leap of faith. The different emotions that tear the human heart: friendship, violence, intolerance, hope.. seem to perfectly melt with every single electronic rhythm that Culture Kultür subdue to each song. Mid tempos, instrumental pieces, lyrics that will make you cry and of course catchy melodies to dance, because tragedy, my friends, tragedy is something you can dance to.