"Humanity", the much-anticipated fifth album of the band,  constitutes almost a leap of faith. The different emotions that tear the human heart: friendship, violence, intolerance, hope.. seem to perfectly melt with every single electronic rhythm that Culture Kultür subdue to each song. Mid tempos, instrumental pieces, lyrics that will make you cry and of course catchy melodies to dance, because tragedy, my friends, tragedy is something you can dance to.

"Culture Kultür" are frontman Salva Maine, Josua (programming / producing) and Distortiongirl as live keyboardist. The band was born in 1992 in Malaga, Southern Spain, evolving from a 80's alike EBM with distorted voices to a electropop with energetic beats, melodic synths and complex lyrics boosted by powerful vocals.

In 1999 they start a frenetic activity. “Manifesto” and “Reflex” are released, composed by previously recorded material. Salva joins the band as permament vocalist and new songs are recorded and published in the “DNA Slaves” EP, which rapidly reaches position 10 in the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts). In this year the band also tours in Europe with Hocico and KIFOTH within the “Tierra Eléctrica” Tour which was immortalized in the “Tierra Electrica ‘99” limited edition live CD.

Since then, with the following albums "Reborn" and "Spirit" they kept producing hymns like "Wonder", "Sieged" or "The Analyst", and presented them in concerts and festivals around the globe.