the earth is shaking 
the sky is burning
it’s time to grab your things and get back on the road 

the faces inside
are slowly fading
and everything you ever treasured now is gone

nothing before you
nothing behind 
just a void with no beginning and no end 

but tell me now  
how it feels
to be out there standing on your own

One embrace to a brother
or the tender kisses from a lover
is all that matters in the end

one single act of goodness 
or a favor in the hardest moments
can make this world a better place

regardless creed or color
there’s no difference for pain or sorrow 
we all are made of the same flesh

one day we will discover 
we are bound to support each other
and that day there will never be again 
another refugee

Wake up
your body is shaking
the world is waving
you are sailing through a  sea of fear and despair

your thoughts are centered
on distant islands
where any chance of life is possible again

over the fences
you can hear the echoes
of empty chatter and commercials on tv

so tell me now how it feels
to be stranded at the gates of your last hope