Keep Yourself Alive

In a world so full of changes
every feeling disappears
we are falling into madness
until you realize that nothing’s real

After all this age of blindness
I found in you so much to see
a crystal mirror resonating 
everything I find that’s good in me

And I want to be fair  
I Want to give back somehow

Keep yourself alive, I know you’re always by my side
with your heart you make this land a place worth living
Looking through your eyes I am aware of every lie
and all the time that I have spent, doesn’t matter ‘cos I found you

This dark city all around us
bringing cold and seeding  fear
empty souls walk through its alleys
forgotten shadows drifting in a dream 

Beyond the darkest time of anger 
lies an ocean of resentment
I stop to take a look around me 
and all I can see is your image in me