20 Years Compilation

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the creation of Culture Kultür, we are preparing a special release with the best songs we created on these years and also remixes, re-creations, rarities, unreleased material...

We want to allow anyone to participate in the project, so if you have a band and want to make a remix, stay tuned, as we will be launching remix kits for several songs.

If you have a special request, send us an email to: Contact Email



Sieged ('Spirit', 134 bpm, 149 MB)

Blind Man ('Spirit', 135 bpm, 111 MB)

Dead Second ('Spirit', 100 bpm, 151 MB)

Never Again ('Spirit', 135 bpm, 70 MB)

Promised Land Blues ('Revenge', 140 bpm, 95 MB)


Next one:

"Promised Land Blues"...